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Thailand quakes

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Sat Mar 11, 3:11 AM ET

BANGKOK – A series of moderate earthquakes has shaken the floor of the Andaman Sea off the southern coast of Thailand, although there is no immediate risk of a tsunami, disaster officials said on Saturday.

However, the National Disaster Warning center said Thais should monitor the news after the string of 31 earthquakes, measuring magnitude 4.0 to 5.3, hit about 400 to 600 kilometers of the southwest coast over the last two days.

The five southern provinces of Ranong, Phuket, Krabi, Satun and Phang-nga were those with the highest risk of being affected.

“We have informed people to watch out and follow the news closely,” an official said. “We‘re closely watching the overall situation.”

Scientists say undersea quakes have to measure in excess of at least 7.0 Richter in order to generate a tsunami.

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