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A very high tide scared beach front villagers in Phuket.

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Restaurants on Haad Sai Kaew beach in Mai Khao of Thalang district in Phuket were damaged by a very high tide which came up to the mangrove area. The big and strong waves forced operators to remove their belongings to higher ground.
Meanwhile, at a sea gypsy village of Laem Tukkae on the east side of Phuket island, the villagers also felt the abnormal high tide but did not panic as they knew that it was during the waning moon which normally has the highest tide. Yesterday was even higher due to the monsoon. The Navy officer at Thab Lamu Naval Base reported that highest tide was read at 11 o’clock yesterday at 2.9 metres and will be the same today. This is a normal phenomenon, but as it is now the monsoon season the waves are higher on to the shore. The Navy however will closely monitor the sea water level and will inform the public of any abnormality. Meanwhile the water also flooded the beach front property of around 10 houses at Ban Nam Kem in Phang-Nga and the beach front road was inundated.

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